Virtual Ticket

Virtual Ticket

Virtual Ticket

An alternative or complementary way to the visitors to register and check-in a service is by using the Virtual Ticket. The Virtual Ticket is a Web App that opens in any Web Browser. 

Virtual Ticket - Web application that allows your visitors to issue a digital ticket and get their place in line, through their Smartphones. The ticket can be issued by QR-code or link. It is possible to issue regular and priority tickets. 

The visitor can also request notifications by SMS.

The App is fully customizable in the Backoffice.

What can be customized:

  1. Text - It is possible to customize all the text blocks displayed in the Virtual Ticket. 
  2. Logo - Upload any logo, to make this app adjusted to any business. 
  3. Colors - Choose any Hex color or any color from the color presets, to make this app adjusted to any business. 
  4. Font - Choose your custom font, to make this app adjusted to any business. 

Allow Notifications - Decide if you want to allow your visitors to subscribe to the notifications by SMS service. If you allow notifications, you should have the SMS Provider configured in the General Settings Menu and the SMS alerts configured in the Alerts Menu, so your visitors are notified on the Tickets Ahead (according to the defined threshold).

Allow Priority Tickets - Decide if you want to allow priority tickets for each service. The priority terms and conditions should be defined by the policy of each organization.  

Associate Services - Define which services will be available in the virtual ticket. 

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