Ticket Dispenser

Ticket Dispenser


The Ticket Dispenser is a piece of hardware in the Moviik ecosystem that displays available services and issues tickets for the services of a branch.

This device is the first point of contact between the customer and the queue management system, starting the customer journey by screening visitors and organizing queues.

Welcome your visitors on-site and have the service they are coming for displayed upfront.
HARDWARE: See more information at  https://www.moviik.com/kiosks 



When the logic tab is active users can set up and configure the ticket dispenser basic settings, viewing and copying the connection key and choosing available device services. Users can also set a home page timeout (in seconds), choose ticket buttons layout, and modify the printed ticket layout.

Ticket Dispenser Basics

In this section you can set a Name and a Description for the Ticket Dispenser.
If you need to set up multiple Ticket Dispenser devices, you should decide on naming conventions, to make these devices easily identifiable by backoffice users.

Connection key

The Connection Key is a system generated value and cannot be modified. Users can only copy the value and use it when setting up a device.
This section is used to check and copy the device's Connection Key.

Device Services

This section is used to define which services are enabled on the Ticket Dispenser.

There is a toggle to Activate All Services, which enables all services and makes them available to select on the Ticket Dispenser

Alternatively, with the toggle off, you can define a custom selection of services to be available on the Ticket Dispenser. You can also group services with custom Service Groups.

Home Page Timeout

In this section branch administrators can set a custom home page timeout in seconds. This enables Ticket Dispensers left unattended to reset their screen automatically

Example:      Customer browses service groups and leaves the interface open in a specific service group.
After the time specified in Home Page Timeout (Timeout in seconds field value), the interface refreshes and returns to the Home Page.

Ticket Buttons Layout

In this section you can choose the information that is displayed in the Ticket Dispenser Ticket Button; whether or not to Show service description, Show tickets ahead, and Show time expected or not.

In the Appearance section, you will be able to configure these buttons thoroughly.

Printed ticket layout

Here you can define the type and format of data to be printed on the ticket.

You have the options of Show service name; Show service description; Show logo; Show tickets ahead (and you can customize the text that is printed on the ticket); Show arrival date and time (the text printed on the ticket is also customizable here); and Show QR Code (and you can customize the Label and the QR code URL too).


This tab holds information and controls to modify the layout and appearance of the buttons for tickets or services in Ticket Dispensers.

Using the tools available, you can modify the appearance of the Ticket Buttons to better suit your business needs and design language.

In the following image, we illustrate a layout achieved using the available options under the Appearance tab for the Ticket Dispenser:


In this section users can set a custom background color, a texture image, and a custom font family.

In the image above, the background color is set to black, with a texture image applied, and the Roboto font family selected.

Here users can define the height (in a percentage value, relative to the device screen height), and a left & right gap (also in percentage value) for the ticket dispenser header. Users can define a top & bottom gap, a custom background color, an overlay image and its placement, show local time and date and select a custom font color for the header text.

Values entered into the example above:

Height is set to 15%;      left & right gap is set to 10%;      top & bottom gap is set to 2%;      background color to white (alpha set to 0);      overlay image to Moviik‚Äôs logo (in white), and its alignment to the left;      showing local time and date;      and the font color set to white.

Ticket Table

In this section users can define the left & right gap, top & bottom gaprow spacing (all in percentage value), and a custom background color.

Ticket Buttons

Here you can customize the appearance of service buttons on the ticket dispenser screen.

The first usable control is a preview of how the ticket button will display on the device:

It is possible to adjust the amount of space taken up by the different elements of the ticket button, and it's possible to customize each of these elements individually.

Ticket Buttons have the following elements:

  • Colored Stroke
  • Service Prefix
  • Service Name and Description
  • Queuing Statistics

Selecting an element on the ticket button allows you to edit its properties. To open the modal window to edit the properties of an element, click the edit button (pencil icon).

If you want to modify the size of an element, click on it (it will visually appear as selected via a green border around the element, as shown in the above image), then click and drag the white square in the green border.

The Colored Stroke element allows you to set a custom color for the current ticket button. Alternatively, you can check the box to Show service color.

To re-arrange the ticket button layout using the drag and drop interface; without any specific element selected, hover over the element you want to re-position, then click and drag it to the desired position.

For the Service Prefix element, you can customize the font size, weight, and color; the cell color; and the text alignment.

The rest of the elements share the same customizable fields, refer to the instructions for Service Prefix to understand the available options.

After defining and configuring each element, you can customize the appearance of the ticket button displayed on the ticket dispenser(s).

You can define the Column gap (in percentage) and the Corner radius (in pixels), and you can toggle the following options on or off:

  1. Drop shadow effect
  2. Show colored stroke (it uses the service color, or a custom color)
  3. Show service prefix
  4. Show service name
  5. Show queuing statistics


In this section you can customize the appearance and layout of group buttons in functionality and appearance (similar to ticket buttons).

Group buttons only show up in the Ticket Dispenser interface if they are enabled in the Logic tab of the Ticket Dispenser being configured.

The settings that can be altered are:

  1. The Group Font Size (in pixels)
  1. Font color
  1. Background color
  1. Arrow color
  1. Back Button Text
  1. Back Button height
  1. Back Button font size (in pixels)
  1. Back Button width (in a percentage value relative to the device's screen)
  1. Corner radius for rounded corners
  1. The alignment of the text on the back button
  1. The alignment of the back button relative to the screen

In this section users can define the height of the page navigation buttons, a left & right gap, top & bottom gap, a corner radius, and a custom button color.

In the final section of the Appearance tab, users can define the height of the footer, a left & right gap, a top & bottom gap, a custom background color, an overlay image, and the alignment of the image relative to the screen.


This tab has the controls to customize the text that appears on the ticket dispenser displays.


Services List Menu

This section allows you to assign a title to the ticket dispenser screen and a custom text color, to set the font size, and the text alignment relative to the screen.

Ordered Tickets Message

This section allows you to type a paragraph to display when a ticket is issued. The message can be enabled or disabled by clicking the Show message checkbox.


In the Forms section you can customize the text in the Previous, Next, and Submit buttons.

No Services Text 

In the paragraph field, you can type a custom message to display on the ticket dispenser when a service is not available. You can choose the text color, its alignment relative to the device screen, and the text size (in pixels).


Customize Popup Dialogs that appear when using certain parts of the software.

Select Ticket Dialog

Here you can customize the Regular and the Priority ticket buttons.

Priority Ticket Policy Dialog

Configure and customize the priority ticket policy, if required.

  1. Title

      Used to set a title for the priority ticket policy
  1. Paragraph

      The text of the priority policy
  1. Checkbox caption

      The text that appears when a priority ticket is about to be issued
  1. Negative button

      The text that appears in the Negative button - End users can opt out of your priority ticket policy.
  1. Affirmative button

      The text that appears in the Affirmative button. If end users agree to your priority ticket policy, they press this button, and your custom caption will appear.

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