In this section you configure Terminal profiles.

Terminal Type Basics

Enter the name and description of the profile.


Here you define whether the profile will Work with user services or Work with terminal services. With the latter selected, you gain access to the option to toggle on or off Activate all services.


Here you have finer controls over the permissions assigned to the Terminal for this specific profile.
  1. A Terminal can Work with User permissions (previously defined in User Roles) or Work with Terminal permissions (which are defined in this section).
All the rest of the options are checkboxes which - when checked - activate the specified permissions for the current Terminal being edited:
  1. Finish tickets

  2. Cancel tickets

  3. Transfer tickets

  4. Pause tickets

  1. Generate tickets

  2. Call out of order

  3. Select services

Then you can:

  1. Call all tickets


  1. Call only transferred tickets

Default Terminal Type

In this section, you can set the current Terminal profile being edited, to be used as the default profile when creating or adding new Terminals to branches.

Register Visitors Options (only for Concierge App)

For the Concierge application, here is where you toggle on or off:

  1. Show mobile phone field
  1. Show name field

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