Provide improved customer experience by having a targeted service and specialized agent to solve the problem of the visitor. Increase the efficiency of the staff and the tranquillity of your customers.

Agents will manage the service and calling.  

Moviik’s main application for your agents is our Counter Terminal. It’s a web-based and a responsive solution, which means you can use any PC, Tablet, or even smartphone you already have in your staff desk, without any further investment from your side. 

Your agents/staff will have a great tool to manage the queues, allowing them to:

  1. Control the Service Time - Your staff will be able to control for how long they have been serving each customer.
  2. Information About the Visitor - Your staff will have access to information about the visitor such as, for how long they have waited to be served and the time of ticket creation. 
  3. Cancel Ticket - Your staff will be able to cancel the ticket, according to the policy defined to each service and to your customer journey. It is possible to call again canceled tickets. 
  4. Pause Service - Your staff will be able to pause the ticket and resume it later,  according to the policy defined to each service and to your customer journey. 
  5. Transfer Tickets - Your staff will be able to transfer tickets between Agents, Counters, and Services, according to the policy defined to each service and to your customer journey. 
  6. Call a Specific Ticket and Call out of Order - Your staff will be able to call a specific ticket, out of order, according to the policy defined to each service and to your customer journey.  
  7. Generate Tickets - Your staff will be able to generate tickets if some visitors arrive and there is no queue. This is important to register the customers in the system for statistics purposes and not make them take a real ticket, delaying the service.
  8. Recall - Your staff will be able to repeat the call, in the Counter Terminal. The recall feature will reset the service time and will call again the same ticket that was already called, according to the policy defined to each service and to your customer journey. This feature is helpful when there is a mistake or a misread on the visitor, per example. 

In the Counter Terminal, it is also possible to:

Receive Alerts -  You can define several alerts in the Backoffice for your staff to receive in the counter terminal. You can choose specific users to receive the alerts or you can alert everyone with the same role. The alerts you can show on the Counter Terminal are the following: 

  1. No Paper in the Ticket Dispenser 
  2. Paper Depleting in the Ticket Dispenser 
  3. Ticket Dispenser offline 
  4. Service Time Above KPI 
  5. Waiting Time Above KPI 
  6. Waiting Visitors Above KPI 
  7. Ticket Transferred 
  8. New Ticket 

Control the KPIs - Your staff will have visibility to a line and to a timer that changes color as service time approaches the defined KPI. The line and the counter will become red when the KPI is met and overcome. This way they will be able to focus on the service and meet the defined goals. 

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