In the Statistics, it is possible to make a long-term analysis of each one or of all of your Branches and you can segment the information you want to see per time period, users, and services. 

It is possible to analyze your data with different charts from line charts to heat maps and to make it easier to compare to other sources of data, it is possible to download the data to CSV. 

Segment and Compare Data by:

  1. Branches 
  2. Services 
  3. Staff / Users
  4. Date Range

Two  evolving tabs where you can analyze the following information:

  1. Visitors Influx:
    1. by time
    2. by service (by days of the week)
    3. by service (by days of the month)
    4. service distribution
    5. priority vs regular tickets 
  1. Waiting & Serving:
    1. waiting time over time
    2. visitors waiting/agents serving visit time 

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