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What is a Service in Moviik’s QM?

The services are the reason for the visitors to go to a Branch. The services have configurations for the way you want to serve the visitors in each Branch. In the Services Menu (in the Profiles & Assets Tab), you are defining the defaults for each service in the Organization and, when the services are assigned to a Branch you can set up different configurations for the specific Branch.

What you can customize in a Service

  1. Name - what you want to call your service. Example: Information or Entry
  2. Color - what color do you want to identify your Service by. You can enter any Hex code or chose a given color from our presets.
  3. Status - if your service is active or inactive. 
  4. Number of Tickets - how many tickets you want to issue for that service per day. 
  5. Prefix -  what letter will identify your service, usually it is the first letter of the name of the service. 
  6. Priority Tickets - if you want to allow each service to have tickets that are called ahead of the others for people with priority. Example: Elderly people, people with children, pregnant women, people with disabilities. 
  7. KPIs - set-up the KPIs adequate per service. Which is the expected Waiting Time, the expected Service Time, and the expected Maximum Queued Tickets per service. 

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