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What is a Service in Moviik’s QMS?

Services are the reason visitors go to a Branch. Moviik Services section has controls for the way you want to serve visitors in each Branch. In the Services Menu (in the Profiles & Assets Tab), you define the defaults for each service in the organization, and when the services are assigned to a Branch you can set up different configurations for the specific Branch.

What you can customize in a Service

  1. Name - what you want to call your service.
  2. Color - what color do you want to identify each service by. You can enter any Hex code or choose a color from our presets.
  3. Status - whether a service is active or inactive (available or not).
  4. Number of Tickets - how many tickets you want to issue for that service per day.
  5. Prefix -  what letter will identify your service, usually it is the first letter of the name of the service, or listed alphabetically.
  6. Priority Tickets - if you want to allow any service to have tickets to be called ahead of others for people with priority, such as the elderly, people with children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.
  7. KPIs - set the KPIs as appropriate per service. Expected Waiting Time, Serving Time, and the Maximum Queued Tickets per service.

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