Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Widget Player?

A completely customizable device that changes the way queues are displayed - it is a more flexible and powerful, and allows for much finer tuning compared to the Player device.

The Widget Player configuration interface differs a great deal from other devices in Moviik's Queue Management System.

How to configure the Widget Player?

Begin configuring the device by adding screens (by default, the system ships with one pre-configured screen and three different pre-configured profiles).
Define the orientation of the canvas (physical screen where the application is displayed).
Add widgets to the screens and customize them to fit your needs:
  • Log in with the Branch Administrator credentials and navigate to the Widget Player you want to customize
    • Branches > Branch > Devices > Widget Player Device
  • All the screens that make up this device will be shown under Device
    • Here you can create screen flows - which behave like conditional sentences - to control Widget Player output (you can create conditions based on Crowd Light, Disabled Services and Ticket Status)
  • In the center of the interface you will see various cards that make up the Widget Player, each of which refers to a screen; you can create multiple screens to suit your branch requirements


How do I set up custom Service Groups?
How do I customize the Ticket Buttons Layout?
How do I set up a QR code?

How do I change the name of the Ticket Dispenser?

Ticket Dispenser Basics
Found in:      Devices      >      Ticket Dispenser      >      LOGIC
  1. Name
  2. Description

How do I view the Connection Key?

Devices      >      Ticket Dispenser      >      LOGIC      >      Connection Key

How to set up a custom Services List?

Devices      >      Ticket Dispenser      >      LOGIC      >      Device Services
  1. Toggle Activate All Services on/off or
  2. Select a custom list of active/available services for the current ticket dispenser
  3. Create Service Groups
  4. Assign Service Groups to a custom Service List

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