Moviik has several Devices, Apps or Hardware, that can be used to create interfaces with staff and visitors.

Registration and Check-in:

- Ticket Dispenser - Hardware kiosk that issues paper tickets so your visitors can have their place in line as soon as they arrive to the Branch.
Virtual Ticket - Web application that allows your visitors to issue a digital ticket and get their place in line, through their Smartphones. The ticket can be issued by QR-code or link. It is possible to issue regular and priority tickets.
SMS Ticket - Application that allows your visitors to issue their tickets by SMS. They will send an SMS to a given number with the service code and they will get the ticket number by SMS as well. It is possible to issue regular and priority tickets.


Information Players - Web Application to run in the displays with the information about the next tickets to be served and tickets in attending.

Tools for Staff:

Counter Terminal - Web Application for the staff to manage the visitors. The Counter Terminal can run in any device with a web browser and it allows your staff to:  call, pause, cancel and finish tickets. It can also allow your staff to call tickets out of order and generate tickets.

Virtual Terminal - Web Application for the staff to help visitors to check-in. The staff can register the visitors by phone number and they will receive the ticket number by SMS, or by name and the name will be displayed in the player when it's their turn to get in. The Virtual Terminal also allows the staff to call the next visitors to be served. 

The devices are configured in each branch and each branch can have different devices accordingly with the customer journey you want to provide in each one.

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