Create Branches

Create Branches

Create Branches

Once you have created the most important organization parameters it is time to set-up your Branches.

A Branch represents a different physical space (ex. a store, a clinic, or an agency) where you install a Moviik QM system. 

Moviik’s QM system is at its core a Central Management system. It does not matter if you have one Branch or multiple Branches, you will be able to see and manage them all from the same Backoffice. 

How to Create Branches?
1. Access Branches Tab
2. Click on the +CREATE button
  1. Enter the Name of the Branch 
  2. Enter the Email that you want to associate to the Branch 
  3. Enter the Address of the Branch - this is optional
3. Once this is done you can edit the Branch information and even add information such as:
  1. Phone Number 
  2. Country 
  3. City 
  4. Session Reset - Here you can define a Reset Time Schedule, that is a time of the day where all your tickets and sessions will be turned to zero. You can also do a “Reset Now”, in this area.

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