Configure General Settings

Configure General Settings

Configure General Settings

In the General Setting Tab, you are able to configure the connectors of the system. 

Here, you will be able to do the set-up of the SMS connector if you want to use SMS in the system. You can use SMS for: 

  • User Alerts - Notify any of your staff members about the system. 

  • Customer Alerts - Notify your customers about the Queue Status. 

To Configure the SMS Connector, you have to buy a number from one of the available providers, we can help you with that or even do it for you. Then, you have to select the Provider you want to use and insert the configuration data the Provider will provide you. 

To configure the Providers we have available, you have to follow these steps:

  • Message Bird configuration data: 

    • Access Key 

    • Sender’s name 

  • EZ4U configuration data:

    • Account 

    • License Key 

    • Sender’s name 

    • SMS Code Error Message 

You also have the possibility to test if the configuration is well done by doing an SMS test. You just have to:

  • Insert your country code 

  • Insert your number 

  • Insert your test message

Note: You also need to purchase SMS packages from the SMS provider. The pricing varies according to each country.

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